How the Transformers: The Last Knight movie changed the way we watch movies

As part of the Transformers series, a reboot of the classic 1990s action film Transformers: Last Knight brought new stars to the franchise.

While there were plenty of characters to choose from, one of the biggest surprises came in the form of a toy character that had a very different vibe than the rest of the cast.

The character was known as The Decepticon, a robot that was created by the Autobots to fight the Decepticons.

When Transformers: Lost Light came out in 2010, fans immediately started to get excited for the next big Transformers movie.

Fans had always been in for a treat with the next reboot, and now we have a new toy to be excited about.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the next installment of the series, which will follow the adventures of Optimus Prime and the Autobot leader Megatron.

It’s an exciting time for Transformers fans, and Fall of Cycle will bring new characters to the table.

Here are five things you can look forward to with Transformers: Fallen Cybertrons:

Development Is Supported By

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