What is Toy Story?

By now, you’ve probably seen or heard of the classic children’s cartoon, Toy Story.

For some of you, it may have also been the first animated feature film.

But, it’s also been in the news a lot recently, particularly over the fact that it’s now part of the Disney Pixar film universe.

But in order to explain Toy Story, it might be helpful to talk about some basic facts about the movie.

First, what is Toy Star?

 Toy Star is an acronym that stands for “Toaster, Hotdog, and Toy.”

It’s the name for the characters in the cartoon.

And it’s a little bit of a misnomer, since the main characters in Toy Story are also toys, although they’re not called Toasters, Hotdogs, or Toys.

They’re called Toy Starlings, which is a play on the name Toy Star.

They don’t eat or play with each other, they’re just toys.

The cartoon was first aired in 1955, and was an early form of popular media that was influenced by the 1960s TV series “Family Ties,” which was a popular American children’s show.

The series ran from 1957 to 1969, and featured many characters with their own toys and interests.

Toys like to be played with, but they also want to be left alone.

When the Toaster, the Hotdog and the Toy Starling are left alone for too long, the toys get bored and start fighting.

That’s why the Toy Story toys are sometimes called Toaster Tots, and Hotdog Tots.

The toy company that made them is named T.S. Toy Co. Another way to think of Toy Story is that it was an animated short.

The cartoons were actually written by T. S. Toy, the company that would eventually become Disney.

But Toy Story has been the inspiration for many other Disney animated movies, including Toy Story Mania, which came out in 2010.

Toy Story became part of a Disney franchise, but the company decided to make it more of a children’s TV show.

In 2014, Toy Disney, which produced the Toy Stories, was acquired by Disney.

Toy Story stars Will Arnett as a young boy named Toy Story and Zach Galifianakis as the title character.

They’ve been inseparable for most of the series’ run, which has seen them meet up many times and play together.

“The kids love it,” Arnett says in the movie, which premieres today.

“The characters are all in a happy, loving relationship.

I think they just really want to share this.

I feel like the kids are so excited about it.

They really want that connection.”

The show has also inspired numerous other animated films, including an episode of Disney Channel’s The Simpsons, which ran from 2006 to 2010.

But, unlike Toy Story , the toys are not real.

They have their own sets, called Toy Worlds, and they have their very own personalities.

Toy Worlds are different from Toasters and Hotdogs and Toys in that they’re animated sets of toys that people have made.

And, in many ways, the toy worlds are just toys in general.

When a character enters a toy world, the person behind the character can interact with that character and the toys, and can also interact with the characters that are in the toys.

The toys don’t interact with each the other, but people can actually interact with those toys, too.

For example, in the Toy Worlds set, Will Arnott plays with his own Toaster Toy World.

He gets to go and explore his Toy World, which can be quite an adventure.

If the Toy World gets too crowded, a different character can take over.

In Toy Worlds 2, Arnett’s Toaster is also called Mr. Potato Head.

In Toy Worlds 3, he gets a new toy called Mr, Me, and The Cat.

While he’s playing with the Toasters Toy World in Toy Worlds 4, he goes shopping for new toys, which brings him to a Toy World that’s more like a restaurant.

I guess you can call it the Big Toaster.

Here’s the toy story: The first toy in the series was the Toasty, a Toaster that had its own set of toys and had been called a Toasted for a long time.

It was also called a Toy Toaster by the kids at home, so it was a real toy.

Then, in Toy Stories 2, the Toasted Toy World got a new Toaster toy called the Toast Toy.

The new Toast was called Mr Potato Head, and he was also an old friend.

This toy was so popular that he even got his own toy show called Mr., Me, the Toy Toasters.

And finally, in a Toy Story 3, Will and Zach are reunited with the

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