What you need to know about Jurassic Park toys

In the wake of a spate of new toy and dinosaur related scandals, a group of toy manufacturers is calling for the Federal Trade Commission to regulate their products, in the wake a recent investigation revealed.

The complaint, which was filed by the Toy Manufacturers Association and Consumer Watchdog, alleges that “there is widespread and widespread scientific evidence of the danger posed by these products.”

It also alleges that the products contain potentially harmful chemicals that could harm humans, the environment, and consumers.

This includes chemicals called “pigments” that can be found in Jurassic Park’s “Super Wings” toys and that can “causing allergic reactions and potentially even death.” 

The complaint comes on the heels of a number of new reports that show toys and games like the Jurassic Park series were linked to numerous cases of human deaths.

While it’s not entirely clear how the new toys might have gotten into the hands of these children, the new allegations appear to be at least partially related to a long-running issue.

A 2013 study by researchers at Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh found that the toys were sold at toy stores around the country and were marketed to children in the same way as other “adult” toys.

They also found that there were significant problems with the toys.

“In fact, the most commonly encountered and frequently identified characteristics of the toys and products identified in the Columbia University report were all found to be in fact similar to the products sold in toy stores, which are not subject to FTC protection,” the complaint states.

The lawsuit also points to the “possibility that the Defendants have continued to distribute, market, and sell the toys without the necessary testing of their ingredients.”

It’s not the first time that a lawsuit has been filed in the aftermath of a major scandal.

Last year, the National Toy Manufactures Association sued the FTC for allegedly “misleading” consumers about the safety of its toys.

The company said the FTC failed to provide it with information on how its toys are tested and that it failed to disclose that the FTC had received a complaint against it.

“The FTC has a responsibility to protect children and families from products that may contain toxic ingredients that are known to be unsafe for children and are likely to harm them,” the company wrote in its complaint.

“When the FTC fails to do so, consumers are at risk of harm.”

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