How to stop your child from going to spiderman Toys & Games

Posted November 05, 2018 12:11:23Adult toy store owners are taking matters into their own hands with the help of a new product, a product that allows you to buy, and sell, spiderman toy sets.

A few weeks ago, a man in a wheelchair bought his first spiderman set.

“He just loves it,” the store’s owner, Robert Deutsch, told ABC News.

They’re just so much better than the ones they’re currently buying.””

Theres no need for him to go to the toy store to buy one of those toys.

They’re just so much better than the ones they’re currently buying.”

He has also received dozens of requests for sets of his own.

“It’s just so cool to have that ability to make it your own,” Deutsch said. 

The store’s director of marketing, Jennifer Kline, told Business Insider that the idea came from a Facebook group for people with disabilities, who wanted to create a “creative outlet” for people like the man. 

“We wanted to help him have a creative outlet and have him be able to come to a store, pick up a set of these things,” Kline said.

The idea was to have his family “share” the toys, and then sell them to a parent. 

According to the website, “Spiderman toys are all about imagination and creativity, but they are also about being able to create something that will inspire kids of all ages, and adults.”

Kline told Business Insiders that the store will have “a huge variety” of spiderman sets, ranging from a basic set for one person to “a more sophisticated set with everything you would expect from a toy set.” 

A lot of the sets are “more in line with what people would have been doing as children.” 

“There’s something really fun about buying a set and trying to get it for yourself,” Klines said.

“I’ve got a big pile of toys I’m looking for.

I want to make sure I get a set for my kid.””

I think it’s great to be able take something that you’ve created and try to use it in a way that will help other people,” she added.

“This way, it’s a little different and allows us to do something different and create something different for children.”

The shop sells sets for $25, which can be picked up at the store or online.

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