What’s next for Mario toys?

With the new Super Mario Odyssey coming to Nintendo Switch, there’s a lot of news about toys and games, but what about Nintendo’s upcoming game?

With the release of Super Mario Maker and the launch of Nintendo Switch coming up in two weeks, it looks like a new Mario title will be on the horizon.

While no release date has been announced, it is widely believed to be in the works.

According to Nintendo, Mario Maker will allow players to create their own creations using Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser, among others.

Mario Maker was first announced back in February, with the platformer featuring a new set of tools for Mario.

The platformer will be released for Switch in July, and will also be released on Wii U, Wii, and 3DS.

The game will also support cross-platform play between the Switch and Nintendo 3DS platforms, which will allow gamers to play Mario games on Nintendo Switch and 3ds consoles.

In addition to Mario Maker, Nintendo is also working on a Mario RPG, which has been in development since 2016.

The RPG will reportedly include new elements such as an in-game marketplace where players can buy items and power-ups, and new gameplay elements like exploring dungeons with a team of allies.

While Mario Maker has not been officially announced, Nintendo did release a short teaser video in March that showed off some of the new features coming with the game.

Nintendo also teased the Switch release date last year, and said at the time that Mario Maker would be “a very big game for Nintendo Switch.”