Toddler walks on baby walkers toy in Australian backyard

A baby walk in a Sydney suburb has been shared online as a toy that Australian Shepherd breeders say can be very effective in protecting and training their dogs.

The baby walk was shared on a Reddit forum called /r/babywalks.

It’s one of several posts that are tagged with the phrase ‘baby walker toys’ or ‘baby walks’.

A picture of the toy was posted on the Australian Shepherd Breeds subreddit, which is known for its pro-dog posts.

The post read: “It’s a cute little toy, but it really makes me think of our dog’s life as a walker and what it’s like to be in the wild.”

A dog walks on a walkable wooden walker, at the Adelaide Zoo.

(AAP)The post also showed another post from another Reddit user, called “Dogs walk on walkers”, which had more dog pictures and a comment saying the toy “isnt really a walk”.

It’s unclear if the toy is meant to be used for training or for people to enjoy the experience.

But it’s likely that the walker was designed for a younger age group, said John Maclennan, a former police officer who teaches dogs at the University of Sydney.

He said the walkers “look at it like a baby puppy” and “they like it”.

“It has the right characteristics to be very useful to people who are going to be walking their dogs in the field or at the park or to be on their own,” he said.

“I think a lot of people who see a puppy or dog that is a walkers favourite, they see a baby walk.”

That is what they would want to be able to do.

“Maclennon said the toy could be used by dog owners for training purposes, such as to encourage their dogs to be better socialised and to be more affectionate with their children.”

The baby walks have a certain physical strength that is pretty important to the dog,” he explained.”

You can’t put them in a crate or anything where the dog can’t see them.

“He said they could also be useful to pet owners as a training tool, because the toy can be used to hold a pet’s paw or paw pad.”

A video of a walk from a walk at the zoo in Sydney, showing the toy being used for a walk. “

They’re very useful for a dog that wants to be a dog trainer.”

A video of a walk from a walk at the zoo in Sydney, showing the toy being used for a walk.

(ABC News)Maclenny has been using the toy in his training for almost 20 years.

He has a three-year-old dog named Tumble, and said he would love to see the toy be adopted for people too.

“He loves to be walked and he wants to play,” he laughed.

“It makes him happy.”