The first fidget toy of 2018 – RTE

The first new toy to be introduced into the market since 2017, the fidget can be a good deal for the fitter.

Fidget Toys, the manufacturer behind the fanny packs, have unveiled a new range of fidget trays, which can be used for a variety of purposes.

The fidget, which weighs about 4.2 kilograms, has been designed to fit the hand, and can be placed on the desk, in a cupboard, or in a pocket.

The trays are also suitable for holding other items.

The new trays come in a range of sizes and colours.

“We created a range that is meant to offer a range in a small footprint,” said Fidget Products CEO and founder Jeroen Koopmans.

“That’s why we created the fob fidget.

It is a compact fidget that is ideal for office and work.

We are also introducing a second fidget and a trays for the kids.”

The fobfidget, the first of its kind, has a wide range of functions.

It can be attached to the wall to create a pocket, or can be held on the table, and will fit on the back of the fad.

The tray can also be used to hold the new fidget-shaped toys, which have a larger diameter than their predecessors.

The product is made in the Netherlands, which means the company has been able to source parts for its products in countries where fidget play is banned.

Fad-related toys and activities can be enjoyed at home, in cafes, and at restaurants.

In 2018, the Dutch company sold its first fad-themed toy, the Fidget Fader, which featured a fidget in a plastic bottle and an orange fidget timer.

The company also launched a line of fad toys, and launched a new fad toy called Fidget-Tune.

FIDO has also launched its first line of trays and fidget products, including fidget accessories.

“Fidget tray is an ideal product for home use,” said Jeroens Koopman.

“It is lightweight, small, and easy to use.

You can use it with the whole family and in groups.

It offers a wide variety of functions that will appeal to different people.”

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