How to find anal sex toy that works for you

The answer to how to find a good anal toy may surprise you.

Here are a few tips.


It depends on the toy.

Some anal toys have more sensitive parts than others.

These can include the base of the penis and anus.


If you are into anal sex, be prepared to use a lot.

A good anal sex partner should be experienced with anal sex.


The size of the toy can vary depending on the type of anal stimulation you are used to.

Anal sex toys are not made to fit every man.


When you get anal, it will be different for everyone.

The stimulation may feel a little bit different to some people and a little different to others.


Be sure to give your partner time to adjust to the toy before they start.

There may be some frustration if they get too excited or they don’t feel comfortable.

If your partner is uncomfortable, you can try a different toy.


If anal is a big part of your sex life, you might want to find one that is specifically designed for anal.


If the toy is too small for you, you may want to buy a bigger one.


Remember that a small anal toy does not have to be big to be fun.

A large toy will feel good.


Remember to try different toys.

If there is a problem with your first try, try a new toy.


Be ready to break out the condoms.

If a condom does not work, try another toy.


Make sure you have enough room to stretch and relax.

If that does not happen, try some different positions.


Always wear your partner a condom.


Do not try anal if you are allergic to latex.


If vaginal penetration is a part of the sex act, you will need to be careful to use condoms.


If any of the above doesn’t work, you should consider buying a different anal toy.