How to turn your Google Now voice search into a real-time, real-world calendar

You may remember the original “Google Now” feature that let you say things like “My dog is running”, or “My girlfriend has a birthday”.

But it was a lot more complicated than that.

Now it’s even easier to have your Google Assistant search a calendar.

To make things easier, the Google Assistant can tell you about things that are relevant to your search.

That means you can now say “My friend wants to buy a dog for her birthday”, “My pet is a dog” and “My cat has been sick”.

Here’s how to do it.

First, open up Google Assistant on your phone, or use a third-party app like Google Assistant Now.

To access the Assistant, just say “OK Google”, or use voice commands like “OK, Google, ask my assistant about my pet”.

Google Assistant will then open up the app and let you ask questions.

These can be simple things like, “I want to buy some food for my dog”.

Or they can be more complex, like, how many cats do I have?

It’s a good idea to ask the Assistant about something it knows about.

“Ok Google, Ask my assistant if my pet is sick,” is a good way to get a sense of what your pet is eating.

Or ask the assistant about your friends, your work or anything you have to say to it.

The Assistant can also tell you the weather and the time of day.

“OK Cortana, Ask Cortana to check my calendar”, is a very powerful feature, but it’s not as useful if you don’t have an external calendar.

For that, you’ll need to use a dedicated calendar app like Apple’s Calendar app or Google’s calendar app.

It’s not that hard to set up.

Just select “Add calendar” from the Assistant menu, and then choose your calendar from the app.

Once you have the calendar, you can add items to it using the buttons on the calendar or the assistant.

For example, you could ask “OK Alexa, add a date to my calendar to see what my pets birthday is.”

The Assistant will give you an item and a time to respond.

In the future, it will even let you add a weather widget, which is another feature that’s not available with the Calendar app yet.

In future versions of the Assistant app, it might even let the Assistant respond with weather forecasts, as well.

When you ask for something that’s relevant to you, you will get a list of options.

You can search through them by category, time of year, weather and location.

For items that you don: want to: Ask the Assistant to find the weather for your location Ask the assistant to get directions Ask the voice assistant to ask your pets birthday or pet’s birthday Ask the Google assistant to tell you your friends email address Ask the assistants calendar Ask the Siri assistant to play the Today show Ask the Cortana assistant to do things like find movies, songs and more.

Now, you’ve got your calendar, but how do you use it?

First, ask your assistant to add something.

You could say “Ok, Cortana, add food to my pet’s calendar”.

Or you could say, “Ok Cortana, ask Cortana to add the weather to my dog’s calendar.”

You could also ask the voice assistants to add a calendar item.

For the calendar item, you just need to say “Add Calendar” from Google Assistant.

Then, say “Show me a calendar”.

This will bring up a list with your calendars.

You’ll see a list that looks like this: You can then add items from that list.

There are several ways to add an item.

First you can ask your Assistant to add that item.

“Add food to pet’s schedule”, or add that “Today show” item.

The assistant will also show you options to add more items.

“Show weather for today”.

For the weather, the assistant will show you a list where the weather will be shown.

If you add the Weather app, you’re able to add items like “Today weather”.

When you add items, the voice help assistant will tell you what weather you can expect for that day.

You should also check to make sure that you have enough time for your calendar item to be added.

“Calendar items added”.

You’ll then see a calendar view with the items added.

You have a few options to adjust the items on your calendar.

You’re able, for example, to change the date to “Today”, to add photos to your calendar and to add “My Friends”.

In the last example, I added photos to my cat’s calendar, so I had to change my date to today.

For more advanced use cases, you might want to add weather information to the items you add.

“Change items added” and then “Show calendar”.

Now you’ll see an item view with all the items in the list.

You may have a lot of items on the list, so you

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