What you need to know about spongebobs from the ’90s

“You’ll love them,” the marketing campaign’s narrator says.

“Spongebob Toys is a SpongeBob toy company that is now a worldwide phenomenon.”

“Spongy is the only SpongeBob character with the ability to collect all the bubbles from every planet,” the narrator adds.

“In fact, he has already collected all the planet-wide bubbles from all of them.

That’s not quite what we want to say, but we’re sure that you’ll agree.”

Spongy toys aren’t just for kids: They’re for adults too, who will now also be able to collect them.

The company’s official Facebook page, meanwhile, has already surpassed 100,000 likes, with thousands of users posting about the company’s “fantastic” products.

“We have been developing Spongebob for the last 10 years, so it is no secret that we have made some incredible progress,” the Facebook post reads.

“Now we are proud to announce that Spongebobs Toy Factory has grown into a full-fledged toy production facility.

It is truly a wonder.”

The company claims to have produced more than 150 million SpongeBob toys and is currently making some 500,000 each week.

Spongebobby toys have become the subject of much speculation in recent years, with many claiming they are the most popular toys in the world.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 1.4 million recalls for Spongebobb toys in 2016 alone.

However, it is not entirely certain whether or not Spongebobbies toys are safe, and some companies have tried to distance themselves from the product.

“They are not safe, they are not harmless, they’re just toys,” wrote one person on a popular Facebook page for toy-makers.

“You don’t put bubble gum in a sponge.

SpongeBob is not a candy.”

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