Toddler, 4, killed after battlebots toy breaks down in grocery store

A 4-year-old boy was killed Tuesday when a battlebots toys toy broke down in a grocery store, authorities said.

The toy, which was being sold at the Kroger store in Aurora, Colo., fell on the floor and was then struck by a driver’s vehicle, according to the Aurora Police Department.

The boy’s father said the toy was being thrown on the ground by the driver who was “very frustrated” after the toy fell on his son’s head.

The child’s mother said the boy’s family had purchased the toy before he died, and he had “toys, toys, toys.”

The family has since purchased another toy, police said.

“This is a terrible tragedy that will affect the entire family,” Aurora Police Chief Daniel Hegarty said.

“The family has already purchased another, but we want to get them some toys as well.”

Authorities did not say what led up to the crash.

Police said there were no reported injuries.

The Kroger reported that the toy had been brought in on Monday and the family had taken it out of the store and “scattered around.”