A boy and a gorilla in a toy store in Australia

A boy, a gorilla and a toy shop have been spotted at the centre of an Australian toy market frenzy.

The boys have been seen on display at the Australian toy retail chain, which is believed to have bought the toys from Toys R Us.

The children were spotted at an undisclosed location at the store on Tuesday and they are said to be in a ‘fairly large group’, The Australian reported.

Toys R Us says the boys are ‘in a group that is clearly a toy’, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

However, they could not be located for comment, and the store’s Facebook page was shut down.

The Toys R United website has not been updated with information on the incident, but it states the company is ‘in discussions with Toys R U regarding their position in Australia’s toy market’.’

We are committed to ensuring all children have access to toys, games and learning opportunities, and will continue to do so in the future.’

It added that the company was ‘committed to ensuring that we are providing the most affordable toys available for our customers’ children to play with, and that the best-quality toys available at Toys R USA are made in Australia.’

Read more about Australia’s toys market:The boys are reportedly the same ones who appeared in the film ‘Bambi’ and are also featured in the animated film ‘Toy Story 3’.

The video for ‘Toy Soldiers’ has garnered more than 300 million views, and has been viewed by more than 10 million people worldwide.

A spokesperson for Toys R US told ABC News Australia the store ‘has not had any inquiries from Toys Australia about this particular purchase and has no plans to do anything related to the sale of these items’.’

They are toys in a good condition and should not be displayed in this way,’ the spokesperson added.’

Toys Australia does not have any interest in selling any of the toys that have been purchased by Toys RUSA.’

ToysRUS said it has no further comment.

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