How to use your pocket toys to make ‘Jaws’ and ‘The Abyss’ more memorable for fans

With all the big-screen adaptations, and the sequels, and so much to do and watch, it can be difficult to remember what happened in the movies.

And that’s why Pocket Toys is bringing its ‘Pocket Guide to the Movies’ app to fans of the classic film series.

The app has everything you need to remember the movie, including a list of the key characters, locations, scenes and other info you need.

For example, you can look up all the details on the scene where Jack Sparrow steals the Manta Ray and how he escapes with it.

If you want to get the full story, you’ll need to dig into the movie’s pages.

But you can use the app to help remember the key moments in the story.

For instance, you might find a key scene in the movie where the Maelstrom bursts into flame and Jack swoops in and rescues the Maitreya.

And in the classic, one-on-one movie, you could find out what happened when the Maserati suddenly disappears, how it came to be in the sea, and more.

The Pocket Guide app will also help you identify some of the new toys and accessories coming to the Pocket series, which includes the Mantis, the Marge and the Gremlin.

So if you want your pocket toy to be memorable, you need a Pocket Guide.

The new app will launch in late summer.

It’s a free update for all Pocket Toys customers and can be downloaded for iOS and Android.