Which new toy from Toys R Us can you buy now?

Buzz Lightyear toy is a pretty big deal at Toys R US.

The latest iteration of the beloved green light-up toy has been available for about a year now and now comes with a big price tag.

But there’s still a chance you might find it hard to justify a few hundred bucks over the more affordable toys.

The Buzz Lightyears Toy 2 comes with four different LED lights, a built-in radio, and a set of “buzz” sounds that can be used to make noises and play games.

It comes with two colors of LED lights and four different sounds.

Buzz Lightthon toy is $69.99.

It’s available now at ToysRUs.com and at Toys.com.

We have to say, the sound effects are pretty cool.

We also like the fact that you can play with the radio and the “battery” sounds, which you can use to control the lights.

But if you’re thinking of going for the buzz-filled toy with the “drum” sound, that’s a little pricey too.

The buzz light is a little more expensive than the LED lights in the Buzz Light year one toy, which cost $69 in the U.S. Buzz Lights toy comes with three different colors of lights.

It costs $49.99 at ToysrUs.net.

The ToysRUS Buzz Lights Toy 2 is now on sale at ToysUSA.com at a discounted price of $59.99, which is $12.99 more than the original toy.

The toy is available now on Amazon.com, Target.com , Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and other retailers.

The toys are available in the ToysRU.com store at Toys store stores, ToysRums store at Wal-mart stores, and ToysRoys store at Target stores.