Toys: ‘What if…’ is the best-selling novel of 2017, according to Toys ‘R’ Us

A new book titled What If?

is the bestselling novel of all time.

In a surprise announcement on Thursday, Toys ‘r’ Us announced that the title was the #1 best-seller in the Toys ‘ R ‘ Us store for the month of March 2017.

Toys ‘ r ‘ Us said that the book’s sales surpassed that of the year’s biggest movie.

“In addition to the massive success of What If?, the title also set a new record for the best selling novel in our stores.

What if you were a robot?” the company said in a statement.

What If is a science fiction novel set in a dystopian future where humans have become obsolete.

The book is set in 2025 and follows two young teenagers as they explore their own future.

The duo discovers a mysterious device, which can give them the ability to control machines.

This device, known as the Time Machine, is located in the future.

In the book, the protagonist is known as “The Robot”.

It can be activated by giving them a message from their future self.

“What if the future is a robot who gives you the power to control robots?

What if the robot is a kid?

Who can control the robot?”

The book was published by Random House and has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.

The company said that its book had a best-sellers ranking of #1 in its store since it was first published in 2018.

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