Toys for the Halloween holiday: Halloween candy to make your kids happy

The toys and games for Halloween will be in all your favorite spots in the mall, but there are some surprises you won’t see on shelves.

Toys for Halloween has teamed up with toy story cake to create an official Halloween candy for kids.

“We know how important Halloween is for kids and we wanted to make sure the kids were able to have fun without spending the money,” said Kathy Cappelli, vice president of marketing at Toy Story Bakers.

The new Halloween candy, called Toy Story Cake, is available in all toy shops in the city, and it includes three- to four-year-olds and adults.

“Kids will enjoy a variety of treats and will be able to decorate with a variety toy characters,” said Cappella.

It’s an easy way to introduce kids to a new toy or make them think of a favorite character.

“We’re bringing them up to the level of their imagination,” she said.

Toy Story Cake will also be available at stores in the downtown core and in the new downtown shopping mall.

Development Is Supported By

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